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Necessities of our times

Due to a shift in City policy, the event insurance (required for the event to occur) is being held by a different insurance provider than in the past. The 2023 PSWB insurance provider needs each participant to sign different waiver language than on the original registration forms. The intent of the waiver language is NOT different than the language previously signed to register for the event. The insurance provider simply has a much longer worded waiver that they require us to use.

When pre-registered attendees check-in at the event, the first step will be to sign the waiver. Once the waiver is signed, the normal event check-in process will continue. 


No one will be allowed to enter the event without signing the waiver (just like they do at trampoline parks and other physical activity events). 

Pre-registered attendees who would like to expedite check in can print this waiver and bring a signed one to check-in at the event. 

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