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Birds of a Feather are Flocking Together January 18-21, 2024!

Below is general information about the Palm Springs Winter Break event.

Updates will be provided here and in the Facebook Group.

  • Palm Springs Winter Break Facebook Group

Fla-lingo Flash emails go to registered attendees who provided an email address. I also try to post regular announcements in the World Line Dance Newsletter.  Please keep checking here, join the Facebook Group, and register to get on the event mailing list!

Lots of fun planned leading up to AND at the event - don't miss out!


When Michael and Michele ran the event, they brought in the flamingos and the Saturday night “You Light Up My Dance Life” theme. It has been SO MUCH FUN every year to see the costumes and personal table decorations brought by dancers and fun frivolity of the flamingos and lights. Needless to say - these are here to stay! 

EVERY DAY is a good day for a flamingo. If you haven’t gathered any flamingo frocks yet, you might want to collect a shirt or two, maybe some feathered leggings or pink pants.  It’s great to feel like a regal flamingo!  There are lots of fun options out there. Check out photos from past events for inspiration.

SATURDAY NIGHT - Wear something that lights up - ring, pin, hat, shirt, headband, entire suit, etc. If you do go ALL OUT, be sure to do a test run of your lights in advance - with dancing - to make sure your lights don’t impede your moves!



The Pavilion 

PSWB is held at the gorgeous Pavilion, a City facility with a beautiful wood floor, stage, and we set out round tables and chairs for our flamingos to roost for the weekend. 
New for 2024 - we will have a table decorating contest! Details will be sent out after registration. Free to participate and completely voluntary.  


This is the welcoming evening dance with the introduction of staff, a quick & fun lesson from one of our headliners, dancing of some pre-scripted favorites, and open dancing by request with announced floor splits. 


Palm Springs does have a street fair in nearby downtown every Thursday starting around 6 PM with art, crafts, and food. With that in mind, the Event doors will open at 7 PM. Your DJ will start playing requests by 7:30 PM. The rest of the Thursday night fun (staff introduction, fun lesson, pre-scripted dances) will start around 8:30 PM, followed by more open dancing by request until 10:45 PM. 

Friday and Saturday 

Each day is filled with workshops, open dancing brain breaks, and reviews of classic favorites. 


Friday and Saturday workshops will be improver to high intermediate level dances.


On Friday and Saturday, classes begin at 9 AM. A tentative schedule will be posted, and registered dancers will be sent links (where available) for dances scheduled to be taught.


Sunday is Flamingo Funday! While all the days are fun, Sunday is an inclusive atmosphere of fun and frivolity with the ever-present pink flamingos.

Sunday workshops will be beginner to improver level dance lessons.

On Sunday, classes begin at 8:30 AM. A tentative schedule will be posted, and registered dancers will be sent links (where available) for dances scheduled to be taught.

Sunday also has tons of open dancing in between lessons, including the dance party til 4:30 PM to finish out the weekend. 


Registration is now open for 2024! 

As in past years, our dancing flamingos have options for:

  • Full Event Pass (Thursday night through Sunday)

  • "2-day" Pass (Thursday night through Saturday)

  • "2-day" Weekend Pass (Friday night through Sunday)

  • Sunday-only Pass (Saturday night through Sunday)


New for 2024:

  • Spectator Pass (limited amount available for the weekend)

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