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Table Decorating Contest

Fuel your flair for creativity and join in our flamboyant flamingo table decorating contest!

Find fun feathers, festive flowers, and fabulous frills to fashion a fantastic feast for the eyes.

Let your flamingo fever flow and be part of the festivities!

Flamingos must be incorporated into your design.


  • For each table participating, the names of the people entering the contest are to be emailed to by Sunday, January 12. 

  • All names must be on the registered list of flamingos for PSWB 2025. 

  • The tables in the Pavilion are rounds and will have 8 or 9 chairs per table. 

    • If you have a group of 9 people decorating - flocktastic! Your table is full! 

    • If you are a solo flyer and want to decorate a table by one person - flocktastic! Your table has 7-8 spaces for friendly flamingos to enjoy your creation! 

    • If you’re in between a solo decorator and a full 9-person team, flocktastic! Some lucky, friendly flamingos will get to fill out the seats at your table.

Decorators: 1 to 9

Tables will be assigned upon entry to the contest.​

Table Assignments

Cost: FREE!

  • There is no fee to enter the Table Decorating Contest. Participants are responsible for supply costs and are not compensated by PSWB for their time decorating or preparing.


  1. PSWB will provide either a pink or green disposable tablecloth for each table. You are NOT required to use the provided tablecloth. 

  2. Table decorations must leave space for event attendees to reasonably use the table. 

  3. The use of tape is limited to blue “painter’s” tape.

  4. NO candles are permitted. 

  5. NO plug-in-wall electricity is permitted. 

  6. NO fog machines are permitted.

  7. NO scents or aromatic devices are permitted.

  8. NO alcohol is permitted.

  9. NO decorations using remote controls for operation are permitted.

  10. Balloons are permitted, provided they are removed from the facility by Sunday at 6 pm (Don’t let them escape to the ceiling! It’s really high and they cannot stay there!)

  11. If your decor will potentially block others from viewing the dancefloor, please let us know so we can set you at a table near the walls. 


  • For early birds who want to do table decorating on Thursday, named decorators will be allowed to decorate between 1 pm and 3 pm on Thursday. 

  • Tables must be finished and ready for judging by Saturday at 10 AM.

  • Winners will be announced Saturday afternoon. 

  • All decorations must be cleared by Sunday at 6 PM.


Winners in 2024 received their choice of a gift card to either Starbucks or Michaels (most chose Starbucks). If you have suggestions for prizes, email your suggestions to

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