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2023 - Djfeed @ PSWB

Bracken Heidenreich

Jan 9, 2023

New for 2023 at Palm Springs Winter Break, I have a DJFEED! for everyone to use.

You don’t have to remember the website address. The QR code on your 2023 PSWB event wristband will take you directly to the djFeed that Marcus Lindfors (Sweden) has set up for Palm Springs Winter Break.

djFeed is open and running NOW if you would like to get familiar with it before the 2023 PSWB.

djFeed is a website that everyone can view from their own devices (phone, tablet, computer…. but who brings a computer to a dance event???). 

djFeed shows what’s coming up in the Pavilion and lets dancers submit dance requests through the djFeed. 

Yes, you can still walk up to our DJ Megan to write your request. 

Yes, you can still look at the projector screen in the Pavilion to see the upcoming playlist. 

Do you sometimes forget the dance you want to request by the time you walk to the dj? Use djFeed on your phone or tablet to evade the amnesia zone between the dance floor and the dj table. 

Is the projector screen not at the best angle or lighting for you to read clearly (or are you so nearsighted that it’s just too far away)? View djFeed from your phone or tablet, or your neighbor’s phone or tablet.

Lots of dancers have seen and used djFeed at other events. This is the first year we will have it at Palm Springs Winter Break. I’m confident it will be a great addition to an already flocktastic event!

Please note - djFeed will be used for dance requests DURING the event. It is only open now to let people try it out and get familiar before the event. No pre-event requests are to be put on djFeed.

If you have dance requests you want to submit now to be counted for the event, please use the form from the Fla-lingo Flashes for pre-event requests. Your pre-event requests will help us plan floor splits and help your fellow flamingos see which dances need to be fluffed out and reviewed before the event. You do not have to answer every question to submit your requests. You can submit more than once. 

If you’re on Facebook, join the Palm Springs Winter Break group!

- Event Director Bracken Heidenreich

January 19 - 22, 2023 in beautiful Palm Springs, California with headliners Niels Poulsen and Roy Verdonk, plus Choreography Contest Winner Britt Beresik and DJ Megan Barsuglia.

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