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2023 - First Confirmation Emails Sent!

Event Director Bracken Heidenreich

Apr 7, 2022

Flock receives first round of confirmation emails!

Hello, fabulous flamingos!

Registrations for the 2023 Palm Springs Winter Break are steadily flying in - through the website ( and my home mailbox. It is so exciting to see everyone signing up!

I will be sending confirmation emails and posting the list of flight-ready flamingos (aka registered dancers) in mid-April. Mom and I are on a fun vacay at the moment - I’ll get back into flamingo-mode when we return.

I’ve been getting questions on hotel/lodging and the choreography contest, so here’s some info below on those topics.

I also announced #FFFFFFlamingle to our Facebook Group, so if you’re on Facebook, check details on it there. :)


As mentioned in previous announcements, posts, etc., there will not be a specific host hotel for Palm Springs Winter Break 2023. The event is held at the beautiful City Pavilion; there is no hotel attached to the event venue. This means all of our fabulous flamingos have their own free choice of where to stay for the event!

I will post on the website and in the Facebook Group a list of lodging places and websites/apps that may help you find the best fit for your flamingo fancies. The information provided will be in no particular order, and cost will be taken off the table to leave the decision to you. For specific listed lodging locations, a map will show their location by number AND the flamingo on the map will note the location of our fantastic venue, The Pavilion. Inclusion or exclusion of lodging options on the list does not reflect endorsement or non-endorsement of these establishments.

Check out prices and amenities. Use any and all group discounts you might have (AAA, AARP, hotel chain points, etc), and remember about the taxes and watch for resort fees - some include these in the price and others do not.

There are many more than what will be on that list, so please find what is best for you. Ask each place for their in-room amenities. Also, there are a lot of AirBnB and VRBO hosts with spots that might work better for you and your fellow flamingos.

Read the reviews if they are recent - several hotels/motels participated in Project Hotel Key to support our communities and needful persons during the pandemic - some have refreshed since then, while, unfortunately, some have not (yet).

We trust we can all make arrangements and meet up for some well-deserved dancing. If you are truly having serious concerns about lodging, try posting in our Facebook Group to ask where others may have booked or if anyone can give reliable opinions on a particular option. I live about two and a half hours from Palm Springs, so I cannot easily swing by to check spots, but maybe some other friendly flamingos can.


Detailed rules are being reviewed and refined - we are so close!

They will be posted on the website ( Any future updates and responses to questions will also be posted there.

We will start accepting entries on May 1.

You can register for the event and the choreography contest at the same time, or you can add the choreography contest after registering for the event. You don’t have to decide now if you will enter choreography- that’s open until August 31, 2022. We ARE limiting registrations for the event to be sure every flamingo has adequate wing-space and legroom for flocktastic dancing, so don’t let your choreography entry delay your event registration, you can add the entry(ies) later.

That’s all for now. Mom and I are off to enjoy New Orleans - left the husbands at home! Stay healthy, grateful, and happy, y’all!

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