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2023 - Power Hours

Bracken Heidenreich

Jan 9, 2023

Start the Parties with Flockstar Power!

New to Palm Springs Winter Break 2023 - POWER HOURS!

The Friday and Saturday night dances this year will start with POWER HOURS hosted by Niels Poulsen (Friday) and Roy Verdonk (Saturday). Each one has been given full control of the power hour with the only direction of: “ensure participation from the flamingo flamboyance!” 

This means for the first hour of the nighttime open dance, your headlining flockstars decide what we do to party! 

Flockstar Niels Poulsen would like our flamboyance of flamingos to join him during his power hour on Friday night to dance a selection of his top USA hits! Check out my CopperKnob - PSWB 2023 Power Hour Niels Poulsen - Line Dance List for the stepsheets to refresh.  For those die hard Niels Poulsen fans, see how many you still know from this text list: Ticket to the blues!, Portland cha, 1+1, Blinded by beauty, Train wreck, Out out, Blood on a rose, Standing with you tonight, Shouting to the monsters, Lifeline, Secrets we keep, Vampire city, Something in the water, Still got the blues, I hope you find it!, 1-2-3-4, Extreme love, Lady luck!, Italiano, and I held your hand.

If you want to dance any of those Niels Poulsen hits on Friday night, be sure you’re on time for the Power Hour at 7:30! After the power hour, DJ Megan is back in control, playing your requests until 11:45 PM.

Flockstar Roy Verdonk has a super fun experience for all levels for Saturday’s power hour - it will be great to see how everyone’s Light Up My Dance Life outfits and paraphernalia look doing it!!!!

More Fla-lingo Flashes will be coming your way! If you have questions, please email me. I’ll either answer directly, or you’ll see the answer in the next Fla-lingo Flash so everyone knows!

If you’re on Facebook, join the Palm Springs Winter Break group! 

- Event Director Bracken Heidenreich

January 19 - 22, 2023 in beautiful Palm Springs, California with headliners Niels Poulsen and Roy Verdonk, plus Choreography Contest Winner Britt Beresik and DJ Megan Barsuglia.

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