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2023 - Time to Squawk!

Bracken Heidenreich

Nov 22, 2022

It's a fine time to get your dance requests in for the 2023 Palm Springs Winter Break!

Thank you to the early-bird flyers who used the QuestionPro form a few months ago to test our toes in the water. Seems like it was accessible for all and straightforward to do. Now it’s time to dive in!

The link at the end of this Fla-lingo Flash will take you to the dance request form. The form asks for open dance requests, full teach requests, and requests for faster-paced reviews of Palm Springs Winter Break classics.

Don’t fret those fantastic feathers - I know that’s a fluffing full lot of questions! You do not need to answer all the questions at one roosting. The form will be open until about December 4.

As long as you enter your name at the top of the form each time, then you can submit the form more than once.

Forms submitted without a name matching a registered dancer will be deleted.

Filter through your favorites - in your mind or on your faithful lists - to fill out the form.

Use the “Other” response options to add ones that aren’t listed.

Around December 4, I’ll use the responses collected to inform some lesson selections and fill another Fla-lingo Flash with the most requested open dances.

Click this link to get to the form:

Bracken Heidenreich

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