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2024 - A Feather-Ruffling Announcement of Pure Pink Excitement!

Event Director Bracken Heidenreich

Jan 12, 2024

Pre-Event Fun, Thursday Afternoon!


Thrilling news! If your flight feathers guide you to an early landing in Palm Springs on Thursday, and you have a swift wing, you can snag a spot in a free t-shirt cutting session with the fabulous Jo Thompson Szymanski!  We've got 25 spots up for grabs, so don't miss out on this chance to turn your own tee into a flamingo fashion statement!

Ready to dive into the world of feathered fashion? Email to secure your spot for T-Shirt Cutting with Jo! It's absolutely free, kicks off at 3:15, and promises an hour of pure flamboyant fun. Get styled and set the tone for a flamingo-fabulous weekend before the main event steals the spotlight!

I'm on a mission to round up some blank canvases (shirts!) for our feather-friendly cutting session. However, for the ultimate personalized touch, it would be super awesome if you could bring your own shirts to the party! Let's turn those tees into masterpieces together!

Don’t delay, soar into action now - email to secure your spot.

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