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2024 - Pink Paradise Prep!

Event Director Bracken Heidenreich

Jan 11, 2024

Pavilion Temperature, What Not to Bring, Mizell Center Benefit, Fabulous Flamingo Must-Haves

Hey there, Pink Peeps!  Just a quick feathered note: I know the information parade is in full swing, and if you're feeling a bit dazzled, I totally get it!  Remember, drowning in details is a far better extreme than the mysterious void of no information, right?

Anticipate a few more emails heading your way, each with precise nuggets of wisdom. Before most will start the migration to Palm Springs, expect one final email - your flamingo guide to everything you need in one tidy spot. For now, here's a sprinkle of extra info to keep the excitement afloat!


 A quick heads-up: our room's thermostat plays by City rules (it's off-site magic). So, if you're grooving on the dance floor, things might heat up—prepare for a tropical dance fiesta!  And when you're chilling at your cozy roost, the cool breeze might tickle your feathers. So, here's the scoop: dress in layers and feel free to strip those feathers if things get too toasty or chilly. Let's keep it comfy and stylish on the dance floor, one feather at a time!


Gentle feather-fluffing request: some of our fabulous flock really need to keep it fragrance-free. We can create a cozy haven for everyone by steering clear of scents, fragrances, and perfumes. Let's soar through this event together with consideration for our friends who delight only in the scent of pure flamingo magic. Your consideration will make our flamingo gathering even more delightful for all! 

Your no-fragrance finesse is truly appreciated!


Did you know that Palm Springs Winter Break is not just a dance extravaganza, but also a heartwarming annual fundraiser? By joining the PSWB party, you're lending a pink-winged hand to The Mizell Center—a local non-profit spreading joy since 1974!

Mizell, a 501(c)3 organization, is a pioneer in active aging, sparking creativity, fueling lifelong learning, and keeping the Palm Springs senior community thriving.  Your support creates a ripple of positivity, offering seniors a welcoming space for connection and camaraderie, uniting diverse backgrounds and life adventures. Thank you for dancing with purpose, pink pals, and spreading those good vibes all around!


As you prep for the ultimate pink-tastic dance extravaganza, use this checklist for a flawless fête:

  1. Glam Gadget Gear: Bring your trusty smartphone or tablet to join the DJFeed fun for requests and playlist peeks!

  2. Feathered Fashion Cover: A snazzy sweater or a light jacket—because even flamingos need to stay cozy when they're not tearing up the dance floor!

  3. Dance Diva Cooling Kit: Keep it cool on the dance floor with a stylish hand fan or your go-to personal cooling gadget!

  4. Cash or Check Charm: Don't forget your magic wallet—loaded with cash or checks for new dance shoes, delectable snacks, refreshing drinks, and thrilling contest entries!

  5. Flamingo Frocks: Dress to impress in your most flamboyant flamingo frocks for some fanciful flamingling!

  6. Glowing Magic: Light up Saturday night’s party with illuminated or flashing accessories—rings, pins, hats, shirts, you name it! The crazier, the better—let's KEEP THE MAGIC AGLOW!

Can’t wait to see you all dance, dazzle, and dive into the festivities with flair!

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