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PSWB 2024 - Final Flight Plan 

Event Director Bracken Heidenreich

Jan 17, 2024

Everything you need to know for the event.


Hello, fellow flamingos! Start flappin' your wings and get ready to fly! This is the last, comprehensive Fla-lingo Flash email before we all arrive at the Pavilion to flock in flamingo frills for the most flamazing flamingle ever!


Thank you for supporting Palm Springs Winter Break! Looking forward to a flamazing flamingling weekend with you all!


Palm Springs Winter Break is held at a City facility with a beautiful wood dance floor. The building is called The Pavilion. Located at 401 South Pavilion Way, Palm Springs, California 92262. The Pavilion has a wonderful, large one-room ballroom with seating, tables, and a stage.  We all learn the same dances. The dance floor is humongous with plenty of space for floor splits, if you like.


The Pavilion is part of Sunrise Park – a 38-acre Parks and Recreation complex. Sunrise Park is also home to the Library Center, Swim Center, Palm Springs Stadium, Leisure Center, Mizell Senior Center, and Palm Springs Skate Park. 


Parking is available immediately next to the Pavilion in a free lot, first come, first serve. Carpooling is always encouraged. 


EVERY DAY is a good day for a FLAMINGO. It has been SO MUCH FUN every year to see the costumes and personal table decorations brought by dancers and fun frivolity of the flamingos and lights. Needless to say - these are here to stay!  There's lots of flamingo paraphernalia out there - feel free to flock in flamingo frills (say that 5 times fast) all weekend! From past years, I remember some flamingos love wearing tutus!!!  


Starting this year, the SATURDAY NIGHT THEME PARTY is Keep the Magic AGLOW!  Wear anything that glows or lights up - ring, pin, hat, shirt, etc. The crazier, the better. If you do go ALL OUT, be sure to do a test run of your lights in advance - with dancing - to make sure your lights don’t impede your moves! It’s such a high-spirited night of fun. 

Returning flamingos may remember the Saturday night theme used to be You Light Up My Dance Life. This year, we’ve kept the lights but re-named it in honor of a long-time dancer, instructor, choreographer, role model, and supporter of Southern California line dancing who passed on last year - Paul Dornstedt. Paul and Karla Dornstedt, icons in the Southern California line dance world, had groups and classes as “Keep the Magic.” In their honor, our Saturday night light up dance will now be known as Keep the Magic AGLOW! 


Peggy Hall is our wonderful, smiling, always happy to see you ambassador for the 2024 Palm Springs Winter Break. Peggy and our fabulous volunteers will check you in and get you set with your wristband and nametag (and stepsheet booklet if you pre-ordered one).  There will also be prints of the schedule and local food map available.


If you purchased a step sheet booklet, it will be waiting for you at the registration table.  If you can’t remember if you ordered one, check the website under the PSWB registration tab - list of registered dancers. (The deadline to order a printed booklet has passed.)

Dancers will need to wear their wristbands and nametags (they’re magnetic this year!) to enter the event. 


The first time you enter the main hall, you will get a precious, handmade chair cover to use for the weekend. Place your chair cover on your roost for the weekend. This is a simple, visual indication to everyone entering after you which seats are taken and which are open to fellow friendly flamingos. 

We do ask that you return the chair cover to registration at the end of your time at PSWB so we can carefully store them and continue to use these beautiful, functional decorations year after year after year!

On Thursday, registration opens at 5:30 PM, but the main hall will not open until 7 PM.

On Friday, registration opens at 8:30 AM. Activities start at 8:45 AM.

On Saturday, registration opens at 8:30 AM. Activities start at 8:45 AM.

On Sunday, registration opens at 8:00 AM. Activities start at 8:15 AM.


The round tables in the Pavilion will be set for 8 to 9 flamingos at each table.  Plenty of space for all! When you find your weekend roost, place your cover on your chair and settle in! You are welcome to leave your NON-valuable items at your tables overnight. 


If you are not returning to Flamingo Funday on Sunday, please tidy up your roost and return your chair cover to the check-in area when you leave Palm Springs Winter Break. That way, those flamingos who join us on Flamingo Funday Sunday will easily see the open spots left by the flamingos who are taking early “flights.”  

Note - Those entered in the Table Decorating Contest will have their spots reserved Thursday. 


🦩 A quick heads-up: our room's thermostat plays by City rules (it's off-site magic). So, if you're grooving on the dance floor, things might heat up—prepare for a tropical dance fiesta! 🌴💃 And when you're chilling at your cozy roost, the cool breeze might tickle your feathers. So, here's the scoop: dress in layers and feel free to strip those feathers if things get too toasty or chilly. Let's keep it comfy and stylish on the dance floor, one feather at a time! 💖🕺🌸


VAMP it UP Dancewear with Marialice, with dance boots, sneakers, and sandals, will be selling all weekend. Check out the photos on her Facebook page to see some options. If you know what you want to buy at the event, contact Marialice now so she can be sure to bring the style and size for you! 

Dancers Rock Gear is also returning to Palm Springs Winter Break! It’s been a few years since we’ve seen them, but they will be back this year for your shopping enjoyment!


We do not have an event videographer this year, so please - DO USE YOUR PERSONAL PHONES & TABLETS to capture the fun! If you post on social media, please use #PSWB and try to share your posts, photos, and videos to our Palm Springs Winter Break Facebook Group site (


Jennie has worked her magic to bring not one, but two food trucks right to the Pavilion parking lot for lunchtime - a BBQ truck and a taco truck! 🚚✨ Get ready to savor the flavor! 🌮🎉 


Coffee, sodas, water, and a variety of snacks will be available for purchase at the PSWB Snack Bar. As always, the PSWB Snack Bar is set up INSIDE the Pavilion - super easy to swing by and fuel up on whatever you need.

This year, ALL of the PSWB Snack Bar proceeds will go to Scouts BSA units in the desert! Sarie Gonsalves, our new PSWB Snack Bar hostess, is involved with several Scouts BSA units, ranging in age from 5 to 21 years old. Scouts BSA is the traditional Scouting experience where boys and girls can have their share of adventure in the great outdoors. 


The Pavilion is a City facility, so there are certain restrictions that we have smoothly followed for years at PSWB. The Pavilion is gorgeous, and the City asks very little of us in return for its use. With that in mind, you ARE welcome to bring your own food and drinks into the Pavilion, but NO ALCOHOL is allowed.  


As in past years, you will have the opportunity to win a free pass to other events or win 50% of the funds raised in the 50/50 CONTEST.  Please bring cash (or use Venmo) to make it easy on our volunteers. It will be $5 per entry. Unlimited entries!


Currently, passes available for winning are:

-        Palm Springs Winter Break 2025      

-        Fort Wayne Dance for All (

-        Sweetheart Jamboree (

-        Pikes Peak Line Dance or Bust! (

-        Line Dancers Spring Break (

-        The Line Dance Marathon (

-        Virginia Line Dance Festival (

-        The Barn-Anza 14 (

-        New England Line Dance Showstopper (

-        New York State of Line (

-        Motor City Dance Classic (  


A great benefit of PSWB being a one-room event is that it is easy to make slight adjustments on the fly. The tentative schedule is posted! 

Don't miss out on PSWB specials back for 2024:

- Thursday night fun lesson!

- Lunchtime Q&As with your flockstar staff!

- Power Hours to start Friday & Saturday nights!

Thursday, January 18: This is the welcoming evening dance with the flockstar introductions, a quick & fun lesson, dancing of some pre-scripted favorites, and open dancing by request with announced floor splits. 

-        5:30 PM Pavilion lobby opens for packet pick-up only. Main hall is not open yet.

-        7 PM Pavilion doors open

-        7:30 PM Dancing with DJ Megan

-        8:30 PM Flockstar Introductions and Fun Lesson, followed by pre-scripted dances 

-        After enjoying the pre-scripted dances that highlight our flockstar choreographers, DJ Megan will continue the night with all-request open dancing until 10:45 PM.

-        10:45 PM music ends; all flamingos must exit by 11 PM

Friday, January 19, and Saturday, January 20: Friday and Saturday workshops will be improver to high intermediate level dances. 

-        8:30 AM Pavilion Opens

-        8:45 AM Flamingo Festivities Begin

-        Workshops, Open Dance, Flockstar Q&A

-        5 PM Dinner Break

-        7:30 PM Flockstar Power Hour (Joanne & Jill on Friday; Jo on Saturday), followed by Dancing with DJ Megan

-        11:45 PM music ends; all flamingos must exit by 12 midnight

Sunday, January 21: Sunday workshops are beginner to improver level dance lessons. Sunday also has the open dance party to finish out the weekend. Flamingo Funday Sunday is a relaxed, easy day for those who like the easier dances.

-        8 AM Pavilion opens

-        8:15 AM Flamingo Funday Sunday Festivities begin

-        Workshops, Open Dance, with Lunch “Break”

-        4:30 PM Event Ends; All Evidence of Flamingling MUST Be Cleared Out of the Pavilion by 6 PM  


Flamingo-fab friends, make sure you catch the pink-tastic intros and fun lesson, followed by some scripted selections! 🦩🌟 Don't be fashionably late to this feathered fiesta! 💖✨ Pavilion doors open Thursday at 7 PM. Flockstar introductions will be at 8:30 PM.

Refresh yourself on these:

  • Give Me Your Tempo

  • I’m Free 

  • Good As You

  • 3 Tequila Floor 

  • Bow Chika Wow It

  • Dizzy (to the original!)

  • OH Henry!

  • Would Have Loved Her

  • This Little Light

  • Ghosted

  • Higher & Higher

  • Devil in a Dress

  • Dust to Dust

  • Can’t Walk Away

  • The Wolf

CopperKnob list here: 


YES! We loved the power hours that debuted last year, so they are back again! The Friday and Saturday night dances will start with POWER HOURS hosted by Joanne Brady & Jill Babinec (Friday) and Jo Thompson-Szymanski (Saturday). Our flockstars have been given full control of their power hours with the only direction of: “involve participation from the flamingo flamboyance!” This means for the FIRST HOUR of the nighttime open dance, your headlining flockstars decide what we do to PARTY!

After the power hours, for Friday & Saturday nights, the lists below will not be played in order, but DJ Megan WILL fit them in among other requests, and they WILL be played before 10 PM.

Friday Night Guarantee to Play Before 10 PM

Copperknob list here: 

Saturday Night Guarantee to Play Before 10 PM

Copperknob list here: 


PSWB has a djFEED! for everyone to use.


You don’t have to remember the website address. The QR code on your 2024 PSWB event nametag will take you directly to the djFeed that Marcus Lindfors (Sweden) has set up for Palm Springs Winter Break.


djFeed is a website that everyone can view from their own devices (phone, tablet, computer…. but who brings a computer to a dance event???). 


djFeed shows what’s coming up in the Pavilion and lets dancers submit dance requests through the djFeed. (Note: The request option is currently closed, but it will be opened for the event.)


Yes, you can still walk up to our DJ Megan to write your request. 


Yes, you can still look at the projector screens in the Pavilion to see the upcoming playlist. 


Do you sometimes forget the dance you want to request by the time you walk to the dj? Use djFeed on your phone or tablet to evade the amnesia zone between the dance floor and the dj table.


Is the projector screen not at the best angle or lighting for you to read clearly (or are you so nearsighted that it’s just too far away)? View djFeed from your phone or tablet, or your neighbor’s phone or tablet.


Lots of dancers have seen and used djFeed. This is the second year we will have it at Palm Springs Winter Break. 


The flamboyance’s feathers have been aflutter! Thank you for submitting your pre-event dance requests.

The top 15 pre-event requests for now are:

-       3 Tequila Floor

-       Faded Dreams

-       Dim the Lights

-       The Vibe

-       Everyone Needs a Hero

-       Ghosted

-       Devil in a Dress

-       Good as You

-       WOW Tokyo

-       Eyes Closed

-       Show Me

-       Just a Phase

-       If You Believe

-       Give Me Your Tempo

-       Gypsy Queen

For now, please hold any more requests until we are at the Pavilion.  During the event, you can submit requests through the djFeed or writing on the request lists.  


During open dance, some dances will have floor splits. We have the djFeed (web page you can view on your phone or tablet all day/all evening) and a projection screen during the evening dances that will post the upcoming dances and floor splits.  


The main dance called for a song will be on the side of the dance floor farthest from the check-in table. The floor split called for a song will be on the side of the dance floor closest to the check-in table. 


You are also encouraged to do your own floor splits in open areas of the floor.  The word for the weekend is "inclusion."  Let's include everyone on the dance floor.  


Did your bird brain temporarily forget which pass you registered for, or if you ordered a stepsheet booklet? If it’s too filled with dance steps and excitement to remember mundane details, check out the registration list posted on the website here: 


No Walk-Ins: Just a quick feathered nudge: We're soaring with excitement for our upcoming event, but a gentle reminder that we won't accommodate walk-ins this time. 


As you prep for the ultimate pink-tastic dance extravaganza, use this checklist for a flawless fête:

  1. Glam Gadget Gear: Bring your trusty smartphone or tablet to join the DJFeed fun for requests and playlist peeks! 📱🎶

  2. Feathered Fashion Cover: A snazzy sweater or a light jacket—because even flamingos need to stay cozy when they're not tearing up the dance floor! 🧥🌸

  3. Dance Diva Cooling Kit: Keep it cool on the dance floor with a stylish hand fan or your go-to personal cooling gadget! 💃❄️

  4. Cash or Check Charm: Don't forget your magic wallet—loaded with cash or checks for new dance shoes, delectable snacks, refreshing drinks, and thrilling contest entries! 💸👠

  5. Flamingo Frocks: Dress to impress in your most flamboyant flamingo frocks for some fanciful flamingling!

  6. Glowing Magic: Light up Saturday night’s party with illuminated or flashing accessories—rings, pins, hats, shirts, you name it! The crazier, the better—let's KEEP THE MAGIC AGLOW! ✨🕺💃

Can’t wait to see you all dance, dazzle, and dive into the festivities with flair! 💖🕺🎉


Gentle feather-fluffing request: some of our fabulous flock really need to keep it fragrance-free. We can create a cozy haven for everyone by steering clear of scents, fragrances, and perfumes. Let's soar through this event together with consideration for our friends who delight only in the scent of pure flamingo magic. Your consideration will make our flamingo gathering even more delightful for all! 

Your no-fragrance finesse is truly appreciated! 💖✨


Did you know that Palm Springs Winter Break is not just a dance extravaganza, but also a heartwarming annual fundraiser? By joining the PSWB party, you're lending a pink-winged hand to The Mizell Center—a local non-profit spreading joy since 1974! 🌟💖

Mizell, a 501(c)3 organization, is a pioneer in active aging, sparking creativity, fueling lifelong learning, and keeping the Palm Springs senior community thriving. 🌴 Your support creates a ripple of positivity, offering seniors a welcoming space for connection and camaraderie, uniting diverse backgrounds and life adventures. Thank you for dancing with purpose, pink pals, and spreading those good vibes all around! 🕺💕


Pink-tastic pals, we threw out the call for volunteers, and oh my flamingos, the flood of responses was utterly dazzling! Can you believe the sea of pink feathers ready to soar into action?

THANK YOU: Debbi Fabiani, Sharon Darley, Judy Hutcheson, Holly Baral, Jerry Hensley, Hiromi Hamilton, Linda Ellis, Julie Ellis, Thu Pham, Brenda Shatto, Malia Rush, Kathe Dobson, Vickie Eaker, Angela Salcedo, Michele Laveaux, Lucretia Martuscelli, Susan Torgerson, Babs Crone, Vickie James, Greg James, Charlotte Skeeters, and Bonnie Chamberlain for signing up with our flamazing Volunteer Coordinator Peggy Hall. 

THANK YOU: Tom Hamilton and Lee LeRow for volunteering to be my muscle for setup and breakdown of the DJ equipment! SOOOO grateful for you both!

If you volunteered to be on Peggy’s schedule and I did not list you above, please let me know. We truly appreciate all our volunteers!


The flamazing, freakishly tall, photo-fabulous flamingo, built by Terri Slemmons & family, will be back this year! Terri and her team of decoration volunteers amazed us all last year, so we couldn’t let it be a one-time flash.  

AND… the gorgeous, precious, handmade chair covers made through a labor of love by Trish Little and Kim Costello will be back! When you come into the Pavilion, after going through registration, you will get one to use for the weekend. We do ask that you return them to registration at the end of your time at PSWB so we can carefully store them and continue to use these beautiful, functional decorations year after year after year! 


Sending a wave of luck to those who secured their spot by the deadline for the Table Decorating Contest! We've got a fantastic lineup with 12 tables ready to showcase their creativity. Let the decorating magic unfold! 🌟🦩🎉


✂️ All spots for the exclusive T-Shirt Cutting session are officially filled! 🦩💕 Get ready for a burst of creativity as Jo works her magic with the lucky flamingos who snagged a spot in this special session. Can't wait to see those tees transformed into works of art! 🌈👕✨


All slots for the enchanting Magical Flockstar Mission are now filled! 🌟🦩 Thank you to everyone who swiftly embraced the magic. Keep those feathers ready for more fantastic adventures! 🌈💖 We all can’t wait to see photos and hear stories of the mission magic!


The expression "it takes a flamboyance (village)" holds so much truth when it comes to making PSWB shine! 🌸 This spectacular gathering wouldn't be possible without your enthusiastic registrations, and a huge shout-out to the incredible volunteers and staff—your time and effort paint our event pink with success! I'm beyond blessed to have dance pals like you, gracefully waltzing in to make this happen. THANK YOU for the fantastic woman power, man power, and the overall support that keeps the Palm Springs Winter Break traditions alive, where flamingos gracefully gather every January! 🦩💃💖

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