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2024 - Peculiarly Pink Particulars

Event Director Bracken Heidenreich

Jan 10, 2024

Registration, Open Dancing, Scripted Dances, Guaranteed-to-Play Dances, Decorations, Seating, Shopping, 50/50 and Event Pass Prizes, Video

Hello, fabulous flamingo flock! There is SO MUCH information to share before we spread our wings and take to the skies in Palm Springs! Here is a little bit more… and more to come. 

For those new to the event, Palm Springs Winter Break is held in the Pavilion, a wonderful, large one-room ballroom with seating, tables, and a stage.  We all learn the same dances. The dance floor is humongous with plenty of space for floor splits, if you like. 


Great news! If you received this email directly from, then, YES, YOU ARE REGISTERED! 

ONLY the registered flamboyance receives the Fla-lingo Flashes DIRECTLY to their email addresses given when they registered. Others can read up on the same information on the Updates page of the website. 

If you want to confirm your registration details, see the registration list posted on  


Do you have friends whose fancy feathers missed the mail-in deadline for Palm Springs Winter Break? Like last year, this year we are not taking any walk-ins. 

Please be sure anyone you know who wants to come flamingle with the flamboyance has signed up in advance. Online registration will only be accepted until Tuesday, January 16. We don’t want them to miss their chance to flock to fabulous Palm Springs for line dancing frivolity and fun!


The flamboyance’s feathers have been aflutter! Thank you for continuing to submit your pre-event dance requests at

The top 15 pre-event requests for now are:

-       3 Tequila Floor

-       Faded Dreams

-       Dim the Lights

-       The Vibe

-       Everyone Needs a Hero

-       Ghosted

-       Devil in a Dress

-       Good as You

-       WOW Tokyo

-       Eyes Closed

-       Show Me

-       Just a Phase

-       If You Believe

-       Give Me Your Tempo

-       Gypsy Queen

On or before January 15, please continue to send your pre-event dance requests in through the djFeed.  Your pre-event requests help us plan floor splits and help your fellow flamingos see which dances need to be fluffed out and reviewed before the event.

After January 15, please hold your requests until we are at the Pavilion.  During the event, you can submit requests through the djFeed or writing on the request lists.   


We have our formal flockstar introductions at 8:30 PM on Thursday night, a fun lesson, followed by dancing a pre-scripted set based on your survey responses! Below is the list of guaranteed to play after the Thursday night lesson for this year, in this order, and the stepsheets are conveniently on a CopperKnob list here: 

  • Give Me Your Tempo

  • I’m Free 

  • Good As You

  • 3 Tequila Floor 

  • Bow Chika Wow It

  • Dizzy (to the original!)

  • OH Henry!

  • Would Have Loved Her

  • This Little Light

  • Ghosted

  • Higher & Higher

  • Devil in a Dress

  • Dust to Dust

  • Can’t Walk Away

  • The Wolf


Friday & Saturday nights will both start with POWER HOURS. Friday night, Joanne & Jill have control from 7:30 to 8:30 PM. Saturday night, Jo will lead the POWER HOUR into our “KEEP THE MAGIC AGLOW!” celebration. I am excited to see what our headliners are bringing for their power hours this year!

After the power hours, for Friday & Saturday nights, the lists below will not be played in order, but DJ Megan WILL fit them in among other requests, and they WILL be played before 10 PM.

Friday Night Guaranteed to Play Before 10 PM

Copperknob list here: 

Saturday Night Guaranteed to Play Before 10 PM

Copperknob list here: 


The flamazing, freakishly tall, photo-fabulous flamingo, built by Terri Slemmons & family, will be back this year! Terri and her team of decoration volunteers amazed us all last year, so we couldn’t let it be a one-time flash.  

AND… the gorgeous, precious, handmade chair covers made through a labor of love by Trish Little and Kim Costello will be back! When you come into the Pavilion, after going through registration, you will get one to use for the weekend. We do ask that you return them to registration at the end of your time at PSWB so we can carefully store them and continue to use these beautiful, functional decorations year after year after year! 

NEW this year, we have the Table Decorating Contest! It is FREE to enter. Details are at Be sure to sign up by Monday, January 15. 



The round tables in the Pavilion will be set for 8 to 9 flamingos at each table.  Plenty of space for all! When you find your weekend roost, place your cover on your chair and settle in! You are welcome to leave your NON-valuable items at your tables overnight. 


If you are not returning to Flamingo Funday on Sunday, please tidy up your roost and return your chair cover to the check-in area when you leave Palm Springs Winter Break. That way, those flamingos who join us on Flamingo Funday Sunday will easily see the open spots left by the flamingos who are taking early “flights.”  

Note - Those entered in the Table Decorating Contest will have their spots reserved Thursday. 


VAMP it UP Dancewear with Marialice, with dance boots, sneakers, and sandals, will be selling all weekend. Check out the photos on her Facebook page to see some options. If you know what you want to buy at the event, contact Marialice now so she can be sure to bring the style and size for you! 

Dancers Rock Gear is also returning to Palm Springs Winter Break! It’s been a few years since we’ve seen them, but they will be back this year for your shopping enjoyment!


As in past years, you will have the opportunity to win a free pass to other events or win 50% of the funds raised in the 50/50 CONTEST.  Please bring cash (or use Venmo) to make it easy on our volunteers. It will be $5 per entry. Unlimited entries!

Currently, passes available for winning are:

-        Palm Springs Winter Break      

-        Fort Wayne Dance for All (

-        Sweetheart Jamboree (

-        Pikes Peak Line Dance or Bust! (

-        Line Dancers Spring Break (

-        The Line Dance Marathon (

-        Virginia Line Dance Festival (

-        The Barn-Anza 14 (

-        New England Line Dance Showstopper (

-        New York State of Line (

-        Motor City Dance Classic (  


We do not have an event videographer this year, so please - DO USE YOUR PERSONAL PHONES & TABLETS to capture the fun! If you post on social media, please use #PSWB and try to share your posts, photos, and videos to our Palm Springs Winter Break Facebook Group site (


If you missed the updates from previous Fla-lingo Flashes, they can be found on the website. 


The saying, “it takes a village” is true when it comes to putting on an event.  This would not have happened without you all registering for the fun, and it would not happen without the generous time and effort of the volunteers and staff.  I feel blessed to have dance friends who graciously stepped up to the plate to help make this happen.  THANK YOU for the woman power, man power, and overall support for continuing Palm Springs Winter Break, where flamingos roost each January!

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